Hartsville Presbyterian Church (PCA) is committed to pursuing the mission given us by Jesus Christ. We want to see the ministry of Gospel expansion take place not only in Hartsville and Pee Dee Presbytery, but also in all of South Carolina and indeed around the world.

  • Alonzo Ramirez - Peru Mission

    Alonzo is an organizing member of Peru Mission and a minister in the Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana del Peru. He pastors Second Presbyterian Church in Cajamarca, and directs the university ministry at the National University of Cajamarca.

  • Sebastian Heck - Reformation2Germany

    Reformation2Germany endeavors to bring the Reformation back to Germany by planting Reformed churches. Sebastian Heck conducted the first worship service of a new Reformed congregation in the city of Heidelberg in 2010.

  • Stacey Severance - Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Florence, SC

    Rev. Severance has been called by the Pee Dee Presbytery to pastor this church plant as a multi-generational Reformed congregation in Florence, SC.

  • Sammy Rhodes - RUF, U. of South Carolina

    Sammy serves as the campus minister for the Reformed University Fellowship at USC. RUF is a college ministry that provides a safe place for students to explore the claims of Jesus Christ.

  • Danny Clark - RUF, College of Charleston

    Danny and Aspa are Virginia natives who have served Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at College of Charleston since 2007.

  • Jagar Chinnavan - Fairfax County, VA

    The First Asian Indian Presbyterian Church (PCA) is a mission church that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ especially to the Tamil- and English-speaking Indians in Fairfax County, VA.